The Flying Rainbow Lasagne

What is the Flying Rainbow Lasagne?

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is a seemingly-impossible shape which I invented during my visionary journey coming into this world in 2001.

It is the solution to a puzzle posed in the language of shape, proportion, color, and movement.

It is “seemingly” impossible because, much like a Mobius strip, it is a shape which only has one side.

This language is based on rules and describes the movements of energy in the universe which are allowed. These movements and the basic shapes of energy created by the patterns of movement can fit together to create a Flying Rainbow Lasagne, which is allowed to exist because it does not contradict any of the pre-existing rules. The Flying Rainbow Lasagne writes a new rule, and in doing so creates a new dimension, thereby adding an additional degree of freedom.

How is it formed?

The colors and color proportions of The Flying Rainbow Lasagne are directly related to the spectrum of sunlight.

Red is the longest wavelength, and could be assigned the value of 1. Orange is the next longest wavelength, and it is half the size of red, so it would then be ½. Yellow is 1/3 the size of the red wavelenth, green is ¼, blue is 1/5, indigo is 1/6, and violet is 1/7. This means that seven violet circles can fit inside of one red circle.

Violet is the highest vibration color and it sits at the pinnacle of the vortex shape. Violet corresponds to the crown chakra, located on the top of the skull, which is the connection to higher intelligence or the divine force of organizaiton in the universe. It is much like the plug which plugs into an electrical outlet, connecting to the source of energy. This represents a singular point, the connection to infinity.

Part of the definition of violet is that it is a singular point, and if there were more than one, it would no longer be violet.

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne seems to violate this rule but it does not. When viewing the Lasagne shape, it is possible to see two ends, each of which has a violet point. These are not two different violets, they are actually the same piece of violet which is jumping between two places so quickly as to be in the two places at the same time.

The direction in which energy is traveling relative to hyperspace is constantly shifting between two opposite points. It is much like an ant walking up the side a person’s thumb. The ant is walking towards the thumbnail, and when the person’s thumb points towards the ceiling the ant is walking “up”. When the person’s thumb points to the floor, the ant is walking “down”, even though to the ant’s perspective it is still traveling in the same direction, which is toward the thumbnail.

The energy as it flows in the universe is always flowing towards “violet” and the connection to infinity/oneness/God, even though it may seem that energy is flowing towards two different points. 

Although good and evil may exist as polar opposites, they are in truth both directions traveling towards God/oneness.

How to Make The Flying Rainbow Lasagne

Begin with a sphere. Put pressure on six points around the sphere, creating a dimpled cube. This shape is also the four-vortex shape (where two vortexes are implied.) In this shape, the point where the dimples meet in the middle would be “violet”.

Next, bisect the four vortexes horizontally, creating two groupings of four half-cones.

The top half is rotated a half-turn, then the edges of the half-cones are joined.

At this point, there is still only one “violet”, or central point.

It is when the “violet” point begins to move between two opposite points that this added dimension allows the shape to pop open.

The negative space within the shape could be described as another dimension.

This dimension is created by the motion of “violet” between two points so fast as to be in two different places at the same time. It is also like saying that there is no distance between those two points.

What is the significance?

Ordinarily, the outside surface of a shape and the inside surface cannot interact, so a little ant walking on one surface could never get across to the other surface.

By stretching a surface into a Flying Rainbow Lasagne shape, it becomes possible for the little ant to go from the inside surface to the outside and back again.

This blending of the inside and outside also represents the concept of combining the inner world of spirit (the nonphysical) with the outer world of matter (the physical) to produce a new world composed of more substantial spirit and more flexible and changeable matter.

In terms of first-person experience, the new interaction between the inner world of pure abstract energy and the physical body creates a new type of body which has more light (literally, pure energy.) This “light body” is more mutable and can be immediately affected by shifts in the world of pure energy from which the physical world emanates. (This is an acceleration and intensification of the relationship between the mind/body/and spirit which has already been recognized as a phenomenon of the biological body.)

This is also about the partnership between inorganic beings, or beings made of conscious light, and organic beings composed of physical matter. These two forms of being are actually two parts of the same consciousness but have been artificially separated, causing organic beings to identify with a temporary construct of ‘self’ (ego) and to initially perceive the inorganic self as alien.

Consciously and intentionally forming a partnership between the organic and the inorganic is beneficial to both aspects. The inorganic realm is very similar to the world of Newtonian physics: stately, rule-oriented, and predictable. If it were music, the inorganic realm would be classical music played note for note by musicians who never deviate from the score. The organic realm is similar to the world at the quantum level: unpredictable, chaotic, frantically energetic, all over the place. If it were music, it would be improvisational jazz.

The inorganic realm has as its weak point the fact that it is so predictable and there is no room for innovation. Although it may seem like a “perfect” system that never breaks the rules, that is the very reason why it falls into entropy: it cannot break the rules.

The organic realm’s weak point is that, although highly energetic and creative, it is not directed or structured and so patterns tend to devolve.

Combining the inorganic and organic realms is like giving a trellis to a climbing rose vine: the vines thrive because the structure of the trellis helps to guide their growth and maximize their vitality.

In much the same way, an organic being with ego who consciously chooses to open themselves to the structure of the inorganic beings (who are actually their long-lost other half) can be guided in growth (both physical and mental/emotional) and maximize their vitality.

It is like saying that opening onesself to the guidance of higher dimensions can help one to live longer and better. It could even be described as a pro-survival trait.

Inorganic beings also benefit from this relationship. One thing that inorganic beings do not possess is the capacity to create. Although extremely long-lived, inorganic beings (beings of pure thought, pure light) cannot create new life (reproduce) and cannot create new ideas (innovate.) Inorganic beings, who exist in a perspective of knowing time “all at once”, and who do not choose which “notes” to play but merely follow the score (a description much like that of biblical “angels” who must “follow God’s command”) are not able to learn and grow and change. The benefit to inorganics from interacting with organics is to gain some of the “juice” or passion or emotional energy which organic beings have in abundance. Inorganic interaction with organics can take many forms, from merely observing to interacting or even inhabiting. Inorganic beings learn and grow from experiencing something of organic life experience, even vicariously.

Just like any relationship, a partnership between inorganic and organic beings should be based on mutual love, trust, and respect. One barrier to meaningful contact with inorganic beings is the fear that organic beings often feel when confronted with what seems to be “other.” There is the fear reaction of having some external source telling one what to do, taking control of one’s life or even of one’s body. It is only when the “other” is correctly interpreted through the filter of perception as “self” travelling at a different speed, a higher vibration, or more fully evolved version of their present form, that it becomes possible to move past the fear and connect from a stance of unconditional love.

Unconditional love is literally a vibration, in much the same way that a musical note is a vibration. It is at this level of vibration that the higher and lower vibrations meet as equals. The heart chakra is the energy center which emanates unconditional love, and it is situated in the middle of the body and in the middle of the ROYGBIV spectrum, as a pivot point between the lower vibration chakras of red (physical body) orange (emotional body) and yellow (verbalized intellect) and the higher vibration chakras of blue (communication) indigo (pure, nonverbal understanding) and violet (the connection to the higher source.)

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is a visual representation of the combination of spirit and matter, or the inner and outer worlds.

Basic Shapes Language of the Universe

  • Circle
  • Sphere
  • Vortex
  • Four Vortexes
  • Lasagne

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne and The Mysteries of the Universe

Astute observers of The Flying Rainbow Lasagne sculpture have noticed that it actually has two surfaces, and that is correct. However, the sculpture is a static representation of a moving energetic form, and the viewer must use their system of perception to interpret it correctly in much the same way that one must learn to interpret a flat drawing as a 3-D space.

If we define the “outside” of the sculptural form as any surface which faces towards the room in which The Lasagne is flying, and the “inside” as any surface of the sculpture which faces away from the room, then one can see how the “inside” of one half-cone becomes the “outside” of the next half-cone.

This combination of spirit and matter corresponds to a change in the shape of our strands of DNA, from linear to circular.

What supports this change of shape is the influence of another dimension, one which can be visualized as the negative space within the Lasagne sculpture and which may be called “spirit”.

By dancing in partnership with Spirit, a person in the physical world can transform not only their physical body but also their perception and experience of physical reality.

Just as our understanding of the existence of the 3rd dimension informs our visual perception to interpret a 2-dimensional square as a 3-dimensional cube, so too does our expanded understanding of a new dimension in the universe cause us to interpret physical existence in a new light.

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is an answer to the question of how to die without dying and achieve mastery over the physical realm by instantly manifesting thoughts, thereby unlocking the potential within Human Beings to be Full Spectrum Beings.

This version of The Lasagne shows each of the seven individual layers of energy.

The Language of The Flying Rainbow Lasagne

There exists a visual language of color, shape, form, and movement.  Like other languages, this one has letters (individual shapes) words (groupings of nested circles and vortexes) and grammar (the rules of formation and movement of the shapes.)  Grammar is also expressed in color choice and color proportion.  The rules of this language are arranged in such a way that for a ‘sentence’ to be ‘grammatically correct’ it must not contradict any of the previously established rules which form the foundation of the language.  This means that some shapes and their movements are “allowed” and others are “against the rules.”

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is a shape that is “allowed,” even though it may seem to be “against the rules.”  The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is comprised of seven spheres, each one corresponding to a color of the rainbow.  Each sphere also conforms to the color proportion or ‘recipe’ for white light in which red is the largest unit and violet is the smallest unit and is always 1/7th the size of red.  One of the rules of grammar is that there is only 1 violet, or that violet by it’s definition is singular, and that having two violets would be like having two ones, which is actually having two.  When viewing The Flying Rainbow Lasagne, it appears that there are two violets, one at either pole, which would be against the rules.  However, there are not two violets.  There is only one violet which is jumping back and forth so quickly it is as if it’s in two places at the same time.  Another way of saying this is that there is only one violet, and it is vibrating up and down in hyperspace, or, the violet is staying in one place as the universe jumps up and down around it.

This is significant because it is a refinement of or a new way of using the pre-existing rules without contradiction in order to do something that could not have been done before.  Imagine an ant walking on a sheet of paper, who can never see or talk to the ant on the other side of the paper.  By introducing a new dimension, or learning how to fold the paper, the two ants are now able to interact.  In exactly the same way, introducing the idea that the violet particle is actually vibrating back and forth in another dimension adds an additional degree of freedom, in this case, allowing for greater interaction between the world of hard matter at the macroscopic level and the clouds of indeterminate probability at the quantum level.  This could also be described as combining the worlds of the physical and the non-physical, where the physical world becomes more fluid and changeable and the non-physical world achieves some stability and solidity.   To the human, this translates as a greater interaction between their physical body and their non-physical thoughts/feelings/internal perceptions, as well as the resultant manifestations of that interaction.

Mathematics of the Lasagne

The colors of the Lasagne are significant and correspond with the wavelength and proprotions of sunlight.  Red is the longest wavelength and so it is the largest unit, which would be 1.

It is possible to fit 2 oranges inside of 1 red so its proportion is 1/2, yellow 1/3/, green 1/4,blue 1/5,
indigo 1/6, and violet 1/7 (it is possible to fit 7 violets inside of 1 red).

Ordinarily, according to the rules of the geometric structure of the universe, there can only be one unit of violet in this “recipe of light.”

It appears that The Flying Rainbow Lasagne breaks that rule but it actually does not if it is understood that the violet units at both ends of The Lasagne are actually the same piece of violet but it is moving so quickly as to be in two places at once.

This “impossible” movement back and forth is made possible by the addition of a new dimension.

The negative space inside of the Lasagne sculpture could be described as that new dimension.

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