Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans • Level 2 Course Outline

Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans • Level 2 Course Outline

Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans • Level 2 Course Outline

Just as, in basic physics, students learn of the existence and structure of an atom, then, in advanced physics, learn about the interplay of particles and their activities, here in Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans I utilize the Initiatory semester to teach about energetic anatomy and basic structure of energy patterns, then go more deeply into the significance of these structures and how to apply them to one’s own life experience in the Advanced material.

Level 2 is the Advanced Level, for returning students who have already completed Level 1 and/or are already familiar with the Initiatory Level concepts such as the chakras, the structure of the Merkaba, the Flower of Life, and the FRL.

Level 2 will give even more practical and specific information about cocreating the world around oneself by using one’s Merkaba, or light body vessel, and direct connection to solar consciousness. This Advanced Course is analogous to Advanced Physics, where the concept of and anatomy of the atom has already been established in Basic Physics and one then begins to learn about how atoms behave and the significance of that on the experience of the macrocosm.

This is a partial list of the Lessons which have been recorded so far, with new material being recorded on an ongoing basis in response to student questions and feedback:

1. Advanced Explanation of the Merkaba and The FRL
2. Understanding the Time Vortex, the Path of Least Likelihood, Ascended Mastery
3. Duality and Perception
4. Telepathy and the Functioning of the Higher Senses
5. The Origins of Solar Consciousness
6. The Sun, DNA, Light, and Inter Dimensional Ethics
7. Envisioning the Merkaba (with meditation)
8. Loving All Aspects of Self
9. Harmonics, Music, The Chakras,& Planets of the Solar System
10. The Sun’s Senses and the Human Endocannabinoid System
11. Planetary Ascension, Refinery of Light and Personality Characteristics
12. Unmaking the Ego and Ascended Mastery
13. The “I am God” circuit
14-20 TBA

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