Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans • Level 1 Course Outline

Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans • Level 1 Course Outline

Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans • Level 1 Course Outline

Level 1 is the Initiatory Level, initiating newcomers to the concepts of multidimensional thinking, which build up to The Flying Rainbow Lasagne (FRL).

Level 1 focuses a great deal on the necessity of conscious co-creation from a place of unconditional love and taking personal responsibility for one’s thought emanations and the reality which they create.

1. The Chakras: their shape, color association, and nested geometries, and how that relates to the physical body.

2. Toroidal Energy Fields: understanding the building blocks of the higher dimensional visual language of color, line, shape, form, and movement of energy

3.Time: how our nonphysical light body is made up of timelines, and the connection of time to consciousness.

4. Organic and Inorganic Beings: understanding that life, or conscious awareness, is housed in both the physical matter of the body, and also the nonphysical world of pure energy. Reuniting the temporal self with higher consciousness.

5. Meditation techniques: practice of mastering the mind, extinguishing any intrusive thoughts, learning to retain one’s energy, practicing unconditional love, all as prerequisites for using the Third Eye.

6. The Physical World vs The Nonphysical World: resolving the duality; String Theory, The Flying Rainbow Lasagne, How energy flows in the universe.

7. The Rainbow: connection to one’s chakras, probability, the light body, the phenomenon of light (or information and awareness)

8. The Singularity: Source of consciousness, the journey of consciousness, the physics of black holes, the journey of light

9. Non-religious Christ Consciousness: a detailed explanation of the higher dimensional consciousness entity associated with the Indigo Chakra or Third Eye, which has absolutely nothing to do with the teachings of the Christian Church

10. The Flying Rainbow Lasagne: it’s creation, the significance for all creatures with DNA, how it is structured, connection to the Chakras, light, time, consciousness, and how to use it

11. The Merkabah: its connection to the chakras and The Flying Rainbow Lasagne, the vajrayana “diamond body”, becoming a crystal

12. Energetic Anatomy: the pineal gland, and the significance of the point of intersection of the Crown and Brow Chakras; gaining control of one’s Third Eye and getting one’s Cosmic Drivers License

13. Practical Meditations: using one’s Third Eye to see and understand with true insight, sungazing, intentional timeline shifting

14. Ascension: raising one’s vibration, techniques and guidance

15. Intentional use of energy: kundalini, reality creation, divine partnership, solar intercourse

16. The Death Journey: death as the focuser of consciousness, death as a membrane or barrier between energetic realms, multiple selves, timeline overlap, understanding ghosts and premonitions

17. DMT and Cannabis: chemical doorways into higher consciousness, historical uses, connection to Christ consciousness/pineal gland

18. Galactic History as it relates to one’s individual journey of consciousness

19. Good vs Evil: using the Flying Rainbow Lasagne to resolve duality; understanding Evil; the concept of a solenoid

20. The Flying Rainbow Lasagne: the future, changes to human society and Earth, galactic cultural reintegration, joy

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