Welcome To Flying Rainbow Lasagne

AURORA: The Flying Rainbow Lasagne

Aurora is a Galactic walk-in and visionary artist. 

She came into this physical body, and into this world, in 2001 via the Flying Rainbow Lasagne, a hyper-dimensional portal shape she spontaneously invented.

 Since then, Aurora has spent her time expressing the Flying Rainbow Lasagne (FRL) concept in drawings, ...

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My Products

Original paintings which are all measured and drawn by hand, not computer generated, get turned into >>>
Intricate fabric designs and homewares:
Dresses, Pants,

Tops, Jackets, and more.
These images are diagrams of time and form the basis for the curriculum known as Lessons For Full Spectrum Humans, an extensive ...

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My Music

Genre-defying, unusual, “space jazz”, wonderful to dance to or to inspire inner voyages of imagination

Mostly instrumental, positive, and unlike anything you’ve ever heard before!
Divine Propulsion System

Birth of the Flying Rainbow Lasagne

Under a Gentle Sun


Aurora’s Uncorruptible Hard Drive

Attempted ...

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My Courses

LESSONS FOR FULL SPECTRUM HUMANS: a multi part class of recorded whiteboards and live lectures all about the process of transforming your DNA into the higher dimensional shape called the Flying Rainbow Lasagne.

Beginning with specific information about the size, shape, and harmonic proportions of the chakras (or ...

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