Lessons For Full Spectrum Humans Online Class Levels 1&2

Lessons For Full Spectrum Humans Online Class Levels 1&2

Lessons For Full Spectrum Humans Online Class Levels 1&2
Level 1

Based upon the original artwork and ideas of Aurora, Galactic walk-in and visionary artist, this set of 20 recorded Lessons is intended to present the information necessary to transform your DNA into the higher dimensional shape called the Flying Rainbow Lasagne.

Beginning with specific information about the size, shape, and harmonic proportions of the chakras (or nonphysical energy centers of the body), and continuing on to describe the structure of time in the higher dimensions, Aurora then teaches about how the addition of a new dimension adds an additional degree of freedom and how that can expand your personal freedom. The Lessons are in the format of a video whiteboard, where viewers see Aurora drawing and annotating images and diagrams taken from her original paintings and listen to her voice describing the concepts depicted visually. A recorded lecture from previous semesters is included with the recorded Lessons, and students of this class will be invited to participate in monthly live videoconference lectures where they can ask questions and share their own insights about the material.

So, if you would like to learn new "dance steps" for your DNA and come dance at the " cosmic ball" I invite you to matriculate to Flying Rainbow Lasagne University and claim your birthright as a Full Spectrum Human!

This is an online course i developed over 10 years to teach about the concept of the Flying Rainbow Lasagne and new DNA patterns.

There are two levels, beginner and advanced, and an accompanying playlist of lectures on YouTube goes with each level.


Levels 1&2: $200

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Level 1:
Lesson 1 The Chakras
Lesson 2 The Shape (..of everything)
Part 1 Torus, or Donut
Part 2 Time, Probability, Death
Part 3 Waves, Fields, Solenoids, and the FRL
Part 4 Higher Dimensional Language of Color, Line, Shape, Form, and
Lesson 3 Time
Part 1 The Shape of Time
Part 2 Time and Awareness
Lesson 4 Organic and Inorganic Beings
Part 1 Organic and Inorganic Life
Part 2 Food
Lesson 5 Meditation
Lesson 6 The Physical World vs the Nonphysical World
Part 1 The Inner and The Outer
Part 2 The FRL and Nonduality
Lesson 7 The Rainbow and the Singularity
Lesson 8 The Indigo Chakra
Part 1 Non-Religious Christ Consciousness
Part 2 The Pineal Gland
Lesson 9 The Flying Rainbow Lasagne and DNA
Lesson 10 Practical Applications of the FRL
Part 1 How to FRL your DNA
Part 2 The Interconnectedness of Energy/Awareness
Lesson 11 The Flower of Life, Merkaba, and The Flying Rainbow Lasagne
Lesson 12 Energetic Anatomy and The Sun
Lesson 13 Sungazing, Kundalini, Intentional Timeline Shifting, Meditation
Lesson 14 Ascension
Lesson 15 Intentional use of energy
Lesson 16 The Death Journey
Lesson 17 DMT and Cannabinoids
Lesson 18 Protection From Low Vibration Negative Thought Entities
Part 1 Galactic History
Part 2 Galactic History (continued)
Part 3 The Economy of Hell
Part 4 Protection From Negative Thought Entities
Lesson 19 Understanding Nonduality and The Flying Rainbow Lasagne
Lesson 20 The Flying Rainbow Lasagne and the Future of Humanity
1. Advanced Explanation of the Merkaba and The FRL
2. Understanding the Time Vortex, the Path of Least Likelihood, Ascended Mastery
3. Duality and Perception
4. Telepathy and the Functioning of the Higher Senses
5. The Origins of Solar Consciousness
6. The Sun, DNA, Light, and Inter Dimensional Ethics
7. Envisioning the Merkaba (with meditation)
8. Loving All Aspects of Self
9. Harmonics, Music, The Chakras,& Planets of the Solar System
10. The Sun’s Senses and the Human Endocannabinoid System
11. Planetary Ascension, Refinery of Light and Personality Characteristics
12. Unmaking the Ego and Ascended Mastery
13. The “I am God” circuit
14..Christian Religion
15..Longevity/Energetic Hygiene
17..Healthy/Unhealthy Sexuality
18..Galactic History (updated)

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