Personal Session

Personal Session

Personal Session
90 minutes

spiritual and creative mentorship and personalized life coaching

These are only some of the topics I cover in personal sessions, which are entirely client-based and totally private.

You can contact me at the button above to book through my website calendar, or pay via paypal here with a note to set up a time: paypal for personal sessions  

for starseeds, lightworkers, clairvoyants, and participants in creating a new reality

Practical Pathways towards changing Life Trajectory

*improvements in physical form (i.e. health, diet, fitness)

*structured water and its relationship to intention

*mindful eating

*improvements in personal living circumstances

*improvements in interpersonal and familial relationships

*changing the way you view and experience money

The Hard Stuff

*understanding the context of life experience (eg why suffering occurs)

*overcoming/managing addiction (substances, negative thought and behavior patterns)

*facing fears, comprehending fear, moving beyond reactionary behavior

*understanding the underworld

*shadow presence

*abuse, abusers, victim role, breaking free

*going beyond shame as a response to failure or criticism

*emotional / life bootstrapping ~ self love ~ self motivation ~ self construction ~ belief in self

*overcoming trauma

*sexual, emotional, physical

Stranger in a Strange Land

*the starseed perspective, feeling like a cultural outsider

*navigating the world of entrenched human culture

*business and personal relationships, family dynamics

*practicalities of finding and using resources

*balancing earth presence vs space/cosmic presence

*learning how to engage or mesh interpersonally with other people (with different views and abilities re: spirituality, energy perception, higher dimensional perspective, without frustration or condescension)

*not feeling lonely or abandoned on this life path, embodied here on earth now

*for those who are used to a less-dense body form >>> making peace with having a physical body

*specifically, learning to embrace the needs of the body and body self care (food, exercise, healthy sexual activity, grooming and hygiene)

*making peace with physical body goes in partnership with making peace with physical objects, resources, economy, money


*connection to the sun and the stars for

*feeding the light body

*intelligence, awareness, ideas, guidance

*physical health


*”the great brain” or neurological system of the stars

*comprehending God/The Divine as abstract forcefield of grace and energy of creation/potential

*unconditional love

*as energy “food”

*how it is behaviorally expressed

*how to listen for “inner guidance”

*finding the inner voice *distinguishing it from self-talk

*signs and semiotics


*finding your purpose (soul purpose across lifetimes, individuated purpose here/now, group/social being purpose)

*getting on the right life path

*dreams as portals to insight, manifestation, and facing fears

*spiritual practices for shielding, protection, manifestation

*ethics of manifestation!

*working in partnership WITH the cosmos/ higher intelligence/ larger order or events and ideas

*as it relates to all forms of manifestation and navigating life/time

*explain and describe reality manifestation on an abstract level

*perspective on densities/dimensions (viewpoint and experience changes with density level)

*energy v entropy

*the inner characteristics you wish to energize vs those you wish to diminish

Ascended Mastery

*what is Ascension? personal and planetary, your individual role in the process, the goal of becoming an ascended master, spiritual deliverance

*what does it look like to be an AM? behaviorally, life practices, energetically, lifestyle, moving through time

*making peace with having a physical body!

*getting INTO your body

*accepting the body and its processes

*joy of eating, ingesting healthfully

*dance, movement practices

*encourage clients to daily movement practices with music

*finding and creating daily self-healing practices

*making or listening to music / tones /frequency healing

*encouraging client to explore modalities that work for them (eg color, tones, crytals)

*comprehending energy medicine, how-why it works

*building New Earth, participant in creating better social/economic structure

*earning money without personally compromising your integrity or authenticity

*finding or creating jobs/careers that complement who you truly are inside and offer real growth opportunities, as well as serving the community

*the importance of practical skills ~ balancing inner dreamworld ethereal existence with outer necessities of physical realities

*the joy of making things by hand or doing physical work

*balanced with cerebral, creative, inner, intuitive work

*free will, consent in relationships >>> navigating the ethics of living as an individual in community

*viewing life experience as rich opportunity (not punishment or purgatory) >>> escape from escapism and make here/now better

*set goals for personal, financial, and spiritual growth

*sex, romance, relationship guidance

*how sexual trauma in childhood or violence at any time can affect future relationships (expectations, emotional residue) >>> clearing those trauma residues in order to be free in the here/now and not repeat old patterns

*moving beyond the proscribed patterns of socialization / expectations from culture (movies, tv, books) >>> boldly creating new ways to define romance, dating, partnership

*thoughts on celibacy, aceticism, ascension


*perspective on ego,

*honestly assessing your own ego, structure and patterns

*constructing or re-constructing

*identity issues and definition of self

*positive pride-fulness

pricing structure:

one generalized session: $150

*join facebook messenger group, participate in group calls and Q&A

package of 4 weekly sessions (1 month): $400.    

*access to online course /videos

*4 90 minute sessions

*4 check-in assignments

*join facebook messenger group, group calls, participate in Q&A

* email support messages (for questions, concerns, private conversations)

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