Solace Majestic

Based upon the harmonic intervals of musical proportion, “Solace Majestic” explores what happens when two ‘octaves’ of ROYBGIV are expressed in overlapping pattern.

One ‘octave’ is the standard calibration for my paintings: red=12, Orange=6, yellow=4, green=3, light blue=2.4, indigo=2, violet1.7

The other ‘octave’ is twice as large as the standard one: red=24, Orange =12, yellow=8, green=6, light blue=4.8, indigo=4, violet=3.4

This allowed me to play in exciting ways with color in the pattern. If you will look closely, some circles can be two colors: 12 can be red in the standard octave, and can also be orange in the larger octave; 6 can be both orange and green; 4 can be both indigo and yellow. Because of this, instead of following the color proportions in my paintings that usually skew towards the warm end of the spectrum, I was able to make the painting weighted towards blue and violet, and use minimal red.

I also learned new and exciting things about the way that these two harmonically proportional sets of circles nested within each other while creating the drawing for this painting. When circles would fit perfectly within each other, or touch tangentially with no overlap, I would celebrate because it meant that I had followed “the musical score of the cosmos” correctly.

Simply put, “Solace Majestic” is the visual representation of music and the harmony of sound waves fitting together!

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