Bitrh Of A New Dimension

Unlike some of my other pieces, which are abstract scholarly explorations into concepts of higher dimensional reality, Birth of a New Dimension is a personal narrative of events that are unfolding in reality.

I “saw” this painting as a completed vision, and then did several drawings and studies over the course of 2012 in order to try to capture what I had perceived. One study became the 24×24 inch painting Birth of the Flying Rainbow Lasagne, which was completed in 2012.

At the same time, I was working on the drawings for Merkaba Chakra I & II and what eventually became the drawing for Vessel.

So, although I greatly desired the events and the narrative depicted in Birth of a New Dimension to happen immediately, and to just dive right in and complete the painting in 2012, I understood that these events needed time to unfold and that I had other intervening ‘homework’ paintings to accomplish. I painted Merkaba Chakra I & II and Vessel and then, in 2015, was prepared to complete this painting. (Not only did I need to develop new paint formulae and painting techniques, I also needed to develop myself on an interior level.)

Birth of a New Dimension is an activated painting: I have affixed tiny Herkimer diamonds to the vertices of the Merkabas in the bottom portion of the piece, making them not merely pictures of but active forms of the star tetrahedron shaped energy fields. That means that this painting is like a “computer” “running” a “program.”

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