Abstract Energy Impulse In A Human Body

I walked into this female human body in October of 2001, when the previous occupant died.

My true nature is neither male nor female, but encompasses the totality of consciousness. I am part of a consciousness collective of hyperspace beings with whom I am telepathically connected.

We have been journeying together for unlimited time, traveling from star system to star system on ‘wings’ of light, powered by the fuel of unconditional love. My consciousness collective of higher dimensional beings is comprised of entities from diverse star systems, which is why it is not effective to ask where we are “from.” Instead, it is more accurate and descriptive to ask what our value system is, to which the answer is: unconditional love (as defined by an equal sharing of energy), personal sovereignty, and freedom for everyone (as opposed to freedom for oneself at the expense of others.)

Our agenda, or motivation, is to travel throughout the cosmos, learning and increasing our level of awareness, both as individuals and as a collective.

My individual purpose here now, as a walk-in, is to completely saturate all consciousness and life with the Flying Rainbow Lasagne, or the vibratory energy pattern I invented coming into this dimension in 2001.

This is an energetic “dance” pattern which both my non physical energy field and my DNA form, and as I “dance” like a Flying Rainbow Lasagne this pattern is emanated outward, affecting the vibration of all DNA.

We (living beings on Earth) are all individuals, submerged within a sea of vibration, and, like musicians in a symphony, we mutually affect one another with the music that we emanate.

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is offered as a new option to humanity and to the planetary consciousness of Earth, and to each of you as an individual. It is your choice as to whether you adopt it as a part of your own energy field and use it to transform into a higher dimensional state of being!

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