1. September 2013, Documenta Show, Detroit Museum of New Art
2. July 2013 solo show at Earthling Gallery, Woodstock, NY
3. April 2013 oral presentation at Alex Grey’s Cosm, Wappinger’s Falls, NY
4. October 2012 art exhibit at The Center for Symbolic Studies, New Paltz, NY
5. July 2012 Art Exhibit at The Bridges Math/Art Conference, Towson University, Maryland, USA
6. May 2012  Peter Louis Gallery  143 E 57th St Manhattan, NY
7. May 2012 oral presentation at The Poetry Science Talks North, Woodstock NY
8. July 2011 Art Exhibit at The Bridges Math/Art Conference, Coimbre Portugal
9. June 2011 Solo Show Oriole 9, Woodstock NY
10. March 2011 Solo Show Phoenicia Arts Upstairs, Phoenicia NY
11. October 2010 participated in the Manhattan Theatre Source “Estrogenius 2010” Macdougal St. NYC
12. July 2010 exhibited at the International Bridges Organization math/art conference, Pecs Cultural Center, Pecs Hungary
13. November 2009 Allied Artists of America 96th Exhibition National Arts Club Gramercy Park, New York City
14. October 2009 participated in Manhattan Theatre Source art show “Estrogenius 2009” Macdougal St. NYC
15. July 2009 participated in international art show “Bridges Math/Art Conference” Banff Centre, Canada
16. June 2009 curated and participated in “Angels and Aliens” group show Aurora Studio
17. April 2009 “DNA’r’US” show Micro Museum Brooklyn, NY
18. October 2008 participated in Manhattan Theatre Source art show Estrogenius: A Celebration of Female Voices
19. August 2008 participated in Alex Grey’s Microcosm Gallery summer square foot show Soul II Soul
20. May 2008 solo show at Muddy Cup coffee shop in Kingston NY entitled 16 Solos
21. April 2008 participated in On The Outskirts show VARGA Gallery, Woodstock NY
22. March 2008 participated in juried exhibition Emerging Artists 2008 at the Limner Gallery, Hudson NY
23. February 2008 invited to participate in “Angels and Birds” show at SFArtworks, San Francisco CA
24. February 2008 participated in Origins juried exhibition, Fox Art Gallery, presented by the Graduate Humanities Forum of University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
25. November-December 2007 solo show VARGA Gallery
26. 2006 participated in Woodstock Byrdcliff Guild member’s show