Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans 

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This course of study can change participants on a profound level, expanding the definition of who You are, and what it is to be Human.

Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans is now on Teachable.com! click here

The format of the class has changed, but the content has not: the 20 recorded Lessons are now available at the link below, where you can enroll as a student and pay tuition for this course.

Not sure what it’s all about? Please go to the link and access the Lessons enabled for free “preview”, and you will see the interactive whiteboards and videos that use my artwork and diagrams in order to present these concepts of higher dimensional reality.

Students enrolled in this class receive access to all of the recorded materials, can participate in the videoconferences and forum, and can download the videos to keep permanently. (Students who enroll are also welcome to return at any time in future semesters, to participate in class discussions, or access videos again, so you can truly access the course materials at your own pace and come back even if you have fallen behind.)

Each month, class participants will access several recorded Lessons, then assemble via videoconference in order to discuss the materials. These are live, interactive videoconferences where students can both be seen and heard and ask questions, as well as listen to Aurora’s presentation.

So, if you are interested in upgrading your human operating system by ingesting new ideas and epigenetically restructuring your genome to become the fullest expression of your true potential, please enroll in Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans!

Level 1 Course Outline

Level 2 Course Outline

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Feel free to contact me about the course. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please include a brief statement why.

If you cannot afford full tuition, you can choose to gift me with an amount of your choosing at the link here: ENERGY EXCHANGE. Scholarships are available, and eager but underfunded participants are encouraged to apply!

Tuition may be paid via Installment Plan.

Tuition covers both access to the recorded Lessons and attending the live class presentations, either in person or online.

Another option is to purchase the Level 1 recorded Lessons as a DVD box set for $225. click here to purchase

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A brief note on returning students:

If you have paid tuition to be in the class in the past (including nontraditional energy exchange) then you may consider yourself perpetually enrolled and you are welcome to re-join the current class with no charge. This is done in order to give flexibility to students who might have fallen off track or missed Lessons, or who simply enjoy conversing with a group and sharing their insights: your insights are valued! Please participate 🙂

Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans Level 1:
The tuition for accessing these 20 Lessons is $185, and includes the capacity to download and permanently save the videos. In order to pay tuition, please go to the enrollment page of here.

This fee is meant to represent the energetic exchange, and exists to recognize that in creating these lessons I am sending out energy, which I would like to have reflected back to me from those who receive it. This supports the continuation of this work.

So it is with joy and great enthusiasm that I again send out this invitation to the cosmic ball where you will learn how to dance like a Flying Rainbow Lasagne!

In previous semesters, students of the course shared a journey of expanded understanding, which led to various experiences: for one student, it was an awakening to their star heritage, for another, the information in the course prepared them for the revelations associated with ayhuasca, and for another student, it was gaining empowerment in the struggle with negative thought entities.