FRL 700

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne (FRL) is a seemingly-impossible shape that I invented during my visionary journey as a walk-in coming into this world in 2001.

It is “seemingly-impossible” because it is a shape with only one side, and this unique quality is why I describe the FRL as the shape of nonduality.

4 inch Lasagne 400The FRL is a visual representation of the combination of spirit and matter, or the “inner” and the “outer” worlds, the worlds of pure probability and that of experienced reality, and the realm of pure consciousness with that of organic cellular life.

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is the solution to a puzzle posed in the Interdimensional vibratory language of color, line, shape, form, movement, texture, and tone.

This Interdimensional language is based on rules and has syntax and grammar, all of which describes and governs the patterns of energy as it flows in the cosmos. The basic shapes, and the rules by which they are allowed to move, are not contradicted by the invention of the FRL, which writes a new rule, and in so doing creates a new dimension, thereby adding an additional degree of freedom.

multiple lasagnes 3FRL outdoor 225

For more information, please visit the Flying Rainbow Lasagne page or watch the video.