Ascension Full 700
Completed in 2012, this painting shows a field of Full Spectrum Humans surrounded by and embedded within the energetic matrix of higher dimensional reality. (Higher dimensional reality is time, and you are seeing here time vortices and the flowing membrane that separates realities.)


2 - Ascension figureEach of the figures (and there are equal number of males and females, and their body sizes vary intentionally) is shown with their chakras in perfect nested proportion and in the ideal alignment for the trajectory of consciousness. This means that if this were like an anatomy book, it would be showing the healthiest anatomy of perfectly formed bodies with no disease. That is what the process of ascension is: a fine tuning of the nonphysical aspects of the body and energy field, and a concomitant raising of the level of awareness and perception of the occupant of the body.


In fact, I would define “life” as consciousness that conforms to the higher dimensional pattern of harmonic vibration that I depict in my paintings and drawings. These figures are not only “alive”, they are ascending and will be “endlessly alive” because they are in perfect alignment with the larger energy structure.


If you look closely, there’s a lot of information contained within the formation of the chakras, or nonphysical energy centers of the body: the Indigo chakra rests perfectly upon the upper shell of the throat chakra, showing the relationship between insight and communication; the throat chakra rests perfectly upon the lower vortex of the green or heart chakra, and the violet chakra rests within the cleft of the top surfaces of the throat chakra, showing how all of the higher faculties are dependent upon a foundation of unconditional love and acceptance for them to function.
 2 - Aurora 1