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My work is painted by hand using simple tools – ruler, compass & templates.  I don’t use electronic instruments such as computer or calculator for the design. Also, I mix my own formula of acrylic paint to create a perfectly glossy mosaic-like surface.

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What is special about my paintings:

It is important to note that none of my artwork is computer generated.  The basic drawings are all done by hand using simple tools such as a ruler, compass, and circle templates.  It can take from six weeks to several months to  understand and decipher the concepts behind the drawing, a process which would ordinarily be performed by a computer.  I do not use a calculator in order to create these paintings, I use my mind to do the math. The value of this process is that, as the painting is completed, I embody these patterns and concepts and carry them within myself.

Painting Techniques:

These paintings have an incredibly glossy and textured surface which may not be evident from photographs.  The surface appears tile-like, and this is due to the technique of painting each segment individually without overlapping (as opposed to painting large areas solid colors, and then painting details over that.) The result is a border around each segment that appears to be incised. Raised silver dots add to the dimensionality of the painting’s surface.

In order to achieve intense and vibrant colors, I custom mix my own paints.  I add pure translucent pigments to my own special blend of three painting media which must be carefully balanced in order to achieve the perfect, glossy finish when the paint is applied.  It is often necessary throughout the process of painting to adjust the consistency or color concentration of the paint, especially in order to achieve the progression of subtle shades.  There is a great deal of mental energy devoted to color design within each piece, in order to make sure not only that aspects of the pattern are visible  but also making sure that each segment stands out from its neighbors and that the overall color balance of the piece is pleasing and accurate to the color recipe of which white light is comprised.   This is more sophisticated than directing a computer to assign certain color values to certain functions of an equation as it creates a fractal pattern.

The Concepts:

These paintings are more than just decorative colors and patterns.  There is a mathematical subject matter, as each painting is based upon an internally-consistent set of rules and stands as a type of “visual equation” or  “visual math problem” .  The paintings also refer to physics, and the rules which describe and govern the behavior of light waves.  Along with all that, there is the metaphysical information representing the non-physical energy field (chakras) which surrounds the physical human form.  At the heart of all of this artwork is the visual representation of abstract geometric energy beings who, at times in human history, have been interpreted and described as angels.