Invitation to Awaken

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You are invited on a mental journey towards multi-dimensionality that will end with the eventual reconfiguration of your DNA.

On this journey of consciousness, you will be exposed to new ideas, new living entities of light that would like to reside within your physical neural and energetic network.

These living idea entities are your other half, your own higher self, your abstract other, the chakras on your body. Being reintroduced to these concepts is a joyful reunion of divine presences which have been temporarily separated (literally, separated by time!)

The ideas I would like to share with you I have learned as spiritual and energetic downloads from my consciousness collective, my Spirit Family, who are a group of higher dimensional entities that I am telepathically linked with.

I have been learning these concepts, and learning to embody the geometries (or higher dimensional visual language), on a cellular and energetic level for the past 12 years.

Learning the higher dimensional visual language and vocabulary has been essential in gaining true insight into The Flying Rainbow Lasagne, which is an original thought I created during my experience of coming here as a walk-in.

4 inch Lasagne 400The concept of The Flying Rainbow Lasagne (FRL) is the key to transforming into a truly multidimensional Full Spectrum Human. It is a new way to use one’s DNA, and allows for new combinations on an energetic level, making it possible to access higher psychic faculties and experience higher dimensional entities.

In order to understand The FRL, it is first necessary to understand the higher dimensional language of color, line, shape, form, movement, and texture.

This online course will consist of weekly one hour lessons posted on the Educreations website.

Educreations are interactive, multi-media whiteboard lessons which record the teacher’s voice, writing, and images.

Click here to visit Educreations and view last year’s lessons.

Students for this class will have access to these new, one hour lessons, and be able to leave comments which I will respond to, as well as create supplementary lessons in answer to students’ questions. This is intended to be a participatory learning process, and student involvement is very important.

There will be several online teleconferences throughout the semester, when the entire class can meet and interact, and I will also be available for Skype “office visits” for any student who requires or desires additional conversation.

There will also be at lease two guided meditations throughout the course which will only be accessible to students of this class.